2023 AHC Standings:

TEAMPeriod 1 WinPeriod 2 WinGame WinSO WinPOINTS
Team 1-BLACK6.
Team 2 -GREEN4.
Team 3 -RED3.
Team 4 -WHITE6.
AHC 2023 Fall League Schedule:
Date Time TEAMS
9-Sep-23 Sat. 11am Black Green
9-Sep-23 12pm Red White
10-Sep-23 Sun. 11am Green White
10-Sep-23 12pm Red Black
23-Sep-23 Sat. 11am Black White
23-Sep-23 12pm Red Green
24-Sep-23 Sun. 11am Black Green
24-Sep-23 12pm Red White
30-Sep-23 Sat. 10am Skills Clinic
30-Sep-23 11am Green White
30-Sep-23 12pm Red Black
1-Oct-23 Sun. 11am Black White
1-Oct-23 12pm Red Green
7-Oct-23 Sat. 10am Skills Clinic
7-Oct-23 11am Green Black
7-Oct-23 12pm White Red
8-Oct-23 Sun. 11am Black Red
8-Oct-23 12pm Green White
14-Oct-23 Sat. 10am Skills Clinic
14-Oct-23 11am White Black
14-Oct-23 12pm Red Green
15-Oct-23 Sunday 10am Skills Clinic
15-Oct-23 11am Black Green
15-Oct-23 12pm Red White
21-Oct-23 Sat. 11am Playoffs
21-Oct-23 12pm Playoffs
22-Oct-23 Sun.11am 4th Place Green
3rd Place White
22-Oct-23 12pm Champions! Red 2nd Place Black


2023 AHC Fall Rosters:

First Last School 2023 Team
Adam Rider Alter BLACK
Andrew VandenBos Beavercreek BLACK
Kyle Compton Beavercreek BLACK
Dane Beal Beavercreek BLACK–G
Zachariah Zynda NELSD BLACK
Dominic Ross Springboro BLACK
Blake Kaeding St X BLACK
Brady Smith Troy BLACK
Carson Smith Troy BLACK
Simon Latif Troy BLACK-G
Kameron Leist Mason GREEN
Richard Phillips Iv Alter GREEN
Brian Scott Beavercreek GREEN
Gabriel Horsman Beavercreek GREEN-G
James Smith Beavercreek GREEN
Grant Hurr Mason GREEN
Nicholas Onthank St. X GREEN
Brady Campbell Troy GREEN
Colin Burghardt Troy GREEN
Logan Adams Alter RED
Tyler Kallander Beavercreek RED
Mason Washburn Beavercreek RED
Zachary Elsner Beavercreek RED
Ariel Acuna Mason RED
Christian Luongo St X RED
Joseph Rusnak St X RED-G
Breysen Staton Troy RED
Elias Wenning Troy RED
Jacob Henry Alter WHITE
Evan Schulz Alter WHITE
Wesley Breiding Beavercreek WHITE
Craig Waldron Beavercreek WHITE
Zachary Breiding Beavercreek WHITE
Gavin Belanger Springboro WHITE
Eric Hehman St X WHITE
William Sexton Troy WHITE
Noah Carver Troy WHITE-G

Registration sign-up IS OPEN

Register by clicking on this link: https://ahshc.sportngin.com/register/form/514513992
Please keep in mind as time goes on that everything regarding sports programs such as this is subject to change according to State of Ohio, local, and CDC directives, and dates may change to accommodate rink issues and/or any changes to the OHSAA hockey schedule.
Be that as it may, the 2023 Academy Hockey Club Fall League is scheduled to run on weekends from September 9-10 through October 21-22, 2023 with no games on the weekend of Sept. 16-17 to accommodate the rink’s schedule.  All games for the season will be played at South Metro Sports on Saturdays & Sundays with game times of 11am and 12Noon both days.
Payment can be made ONLY AFTER REGISTERING AT THE LINK ABOVE at: https://academy-hockey-club-copy-76089.cheddarup.com