Academy Hockey Vision

Our vision is to:

  • Provide High School Players more opportunities to Play
    • Created an Academy High School Fall League with more than 50 players per year
    • Added a Post Ohio Districts (POD) Tournament as a competitive and fun way to end a season
    • Installed a 40’x60′ Academy Outdoor Pond, the area’s fist synthetic Ice Training Facility
    • Started the Southwest Ohio High School Hockey League (SWOSHL) All Star Game since Dayton/Cincinnati players rarely were invited to the OHSAA All Star Games
  • Increase ice sports participation in the Dayton/Cincinnati Area by providing a free-to-use outdoor synthetic ice-skating facility
    • This eliminates Cost as a barrier of Entry for youth players/skaters
    • Develop & utilize certified coaches for FREE lessons
  • Always give our youth free access to ice sports, like Warroad, Minnesota’s model.
    • “In Warroad, the mindset is to make sure they always have access to it.”