Academy Hockey Fall 2016 Rosters & Info:

Welcome to the inaugural season of Falcon Hockey — We are absolutely thrilled to have 7 area high schools participating!!  We will have 4 teams assigned according to OHSAA rules and organized for fair play & parity: Blue, Silver, Red, White. Team assignments are posted below:

Whipple, Sr, Mason–Goalie
Wenrick, So, Troy
Marek, So, Cent
Swicki, Fr, Cincy
Sanders, Shane, Jr, BHS
Gutterman, Fr, BHS
Kaneps, Jr, St X
Hill, Fr, Alter
Hilliard, So, Sboro
Luongo-P, Jr, S tX

Bovair, So, BHS, Goalie
Winstel, So, St X
Kent, So, Cincy
Folga, Fr, BHS
Belmonte, Jr, BHS
Hoefler, Sr, Troy
Peacock, Jr, BHS
Weger, Fr, Sboro
Peters, Fr, Cent
Leisure, Fr, Cincy

Doherty, Jr, BHS, Goalie
Kosir, So, BHS
Benge, Jr, Troy
Derosa, Fr, Sboro
Surikov, Fr, Sboro
Sanders-B, Jr, BHS
Archdeacon, Jr, StX
Never, Fr, Alter
Donahue, Jr, BHS
Luongo-D, Fr, St X

Numbers, Fr, Cent, Goalie
Chambal, So, MVS
Duford, So, BHS
Meade, So, Cent
Martin, Sr, BHS
Myer, Fr, Cincy
Driscoll, Jr, StX
Logue, Fr, StX
Coyle, Fr, Sboro
Nelson, So, Troy

There are 7 league games per team and 2 skills sessions — the Schedule is already posted in another post below and at

Since this is a pre-season warm up league, player safety is paramount. Therefore:
– no checking format
– 4v4 to maximize icetime/touches
– 3 min warmup, 2-20 min periods, 5 min shootout
– 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie. All games end with a Shootout worth 1 point (3 points max per game)
– last league game is 1st v 2nd (championship) and 3rd v 4th
– skills session led by Coaches Thomas and Mathis and Lantry (goalies) to complete season and get players ready for high school tryouts
– USA hockey rule book (e.g. Fighting or other match penalties mean you are out for current game plus 1 game)

Let us know if you have a question, and Remember, It’s always a great day for hockey!

Falcon’s Staff

The Academy Falcons are a not for profit organization. Proceeds exceeding reasonable operating costs are donated in equal amounts to each of the founding high school hockey teams.